Life Changes

Be prepared for those inevitable life changes.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from embracing life changes—explore your options with articles about buying a house, getting married, preparing for children, and more.

Preparing for a Baby

Having a baby? Here’s how to plan financially for such a big change.

Life Changes
11 Important Skills that Every Digital Citizen Should Possess

11 must have digital citizenship skills. Know how to be responsible online: browsing, cyberbullying, privacy, copyrights, research, and more.

Borrowing and Credit
4 Tips for Using Peer-To-Peer Payment Apps

Peer-to-peer payment apps are convenient, but they aren’t without pitfalls. Learn about potential problems before you hit “Send.”

5 Health Insurance Questions for 2024

Know about all the health insurance options and learn how to choose a plan that best fits your lifestyle, budget and coverage needs before you pick a plan.

Life Changes
50 Internet Safety Tips for 2024

Protect yourself from online threats by learning 50 common internet safety tips regarding protecting yourself and your sensitive information.

Life Changes
7 Digital Citizenship Activities for Different Learning Styles

Try these 7 digital citizenship activities for kids. They cover a variety of topics and skills: internet safety, cyberbullying, and digital wellness.

Life Changes
8 Internet Safety Rules for Kids

Protect kids from online threats by teaching them internet safety rules on cyberbullying, scams, personal info, & online predators.

Life Changes
Are You Cyber Safe? For Teens

Test your cyber safety smarts with an interactive simulation designed for teens 13-18.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is like ordering fast food—you have a lot of options.

Build Your Emergency Fund

How much do you need to save for your emergency fund? Find out!


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