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A once-in-a-lifetime getaway. Your daughter’s wedding. That new addition on your home.

There are thousands of moments that may require a little extra cash than you have on hand. AmeriServ Bank’s Personal Loans and Lines of Credit will help you fill in the gaps.

We provide the funds you need to turn your financial dreams into reality.

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A loan for every occasion.

Loan in a Line Home Equity

We put you in control of your lending needs with our Loan in a Line. Use the equity in your home as a credit line, or tackle those large expenses by using part of your line to grant yourself fixed-rate loans. With AmeriServ's Loan in a Line, you’re in charge.

Auto and Motorcycle Loan Financing

Whether you’re looking to replace your old car or want to add a new one to your household, financing a new vehicle is easy at AmeriServ Bank. Choose an Auto Loan with terms ranging from six months up to six years, depending on the model year. Prefer to ride on two wheels? We finance Motorcycle Loans at great rates, too.

Secured or Unsecured Personal Loans

Looking to consolidate your debt or cover an unexpected expense? Whatever your needs, an AmeriServ Bank Personal Loan offers a fixed payment that can be drawn automatically from your checking account.

Personal Lines of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit offers a great deal of flexibility. Access your line whenever you need it, just by writing a check or transferring funds to an AmeriServ checking account.

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