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Building Solid Investment Returns for Tomorrow and Creating Union Jobs for Today 
AmeriServ offers Specialty Real Estate Funds as a unique investment avenue for qualified pension and investment plans.   
With AmeriServ being only one of a select few financial institutions in the nation organized under a collective bargaining agreement, its proud union heritage drives the Specialty Real Estate Funds. 
These Funds are uniquely designed to enhance value for investors while creating jobs for Union Building Trade members. 
Specialty Real Estate Funds May Be right For You 
AmeriServ’s Specialty Real Estate Funds are organized as collective investment trusts that provide fiduciary protection for plan trustees, portfolio diversification, and shared risk.  AmeriServ serves as a Qualified Professional Asset Manager (QPAM) creating an opportunity for plans to engage in a wide range of transactions that would otherwise be prohibited by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  
As trustee, for the Specialty Real Estate Funds, AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Company is responsible for the decisions regarding the fund’s investments, custody, and valuation. This makes the Specialty Real Estate Funds an exceptionally low-maintenance investment opportunity for qualified retirement funds. It also provides excellent diversity and return to retirement plan portfolios while creating union jobs. 
AmeriServ, as trustee, complies with all applicable regulations including ERISA and GAAP standards, ensuring accurate and reliable fund valuations and solid investments.   
AmeriServ works closely with both plan trustees and their consulting firms or fund managers to provide continual information and support for the investment. AmeriServ representatives are always happy to answer any questions or provide in-person performance reviews to fund participants.   
A Win-Win For Union Supporters and Developers 
Not only do these funds attract investments from supporters of the labor movement, but Real Estate Developers seeking financing also describe the product as a “win-win” opportunity. The Specialty Real Estate Funds provide construction financing for commercial development through traditional secured mortgage loans but also through subordinated financing or joint venture investments. Developers describe their experience as a “win-win” situation because of the high quality and efficient construction associated with Union Labor and the well-organized financing process.     
Over the years, the Specialty Real Estate Funds have financed a wide range of projects including construction of retail, office, manufacturing, research and development, multi-family residential facilities, and special purpose facilities. All projects financed by the Specialty Real Estate Funds are built utilizing 100% Union Building and Construction Trades labor. This not only contributes to union employment, but ensures high quality and efficient construction of every project.   
For more information, please contact: 
Cassie Moon, Vice President and Manager 
Specialty Real Estate Division 
PO Box 520 
Johnstown, PA 15907 
1-800-837-2265 (extension 5220) 
AmeriServ also partners with real estate advisory firms: PenTrust Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc. and Labor Management Fund Advisors, LLC for loan servicing applications, project underwriting, and investor relations. 

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