Form ADV is known as the UNIFORM APPLICATION FOR INVESTMENT ADVISER and Part II is known as the Uniform Requirements for the Investment Adviser Brochure and Brochure Supplements. More specifically, Under SEC and similar state rules, Part 2 of Form ADV consists of a series of items that contain disclosure requirements for our firm’s brochure and any required supplements. The items require narrative responses.

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The items in Part 2 of Form ADV are designed to promote effective communication between our clients and ourselves and are meant to be written in plain English.

Under federal and state law, we are a fiduciary and must make full disclosure to our clients of all material facts relating to the advisory relationship. As a fiduciary, we also must seek to avoid conflicts of interest with our clients, and, at a minimum, make full disclosure of all material conflicts of interest between ourselves and our clients that could affect the advisory relationship. This obligation requires that we provide the client with sufficiently specific facts so that the client is able to understand the conflicts of interest we have and the business practices in which we engage, and can give informed consent to such conflicts or practices or reject them.

Essentially, Part II of the ADV is a disclosure document designed to provide current or potential investors with additional information that should be considered when selecting an advisor.