At West Chester Capital Advisors, we recognize that communication is a critical aspect of a successful investment management firm. More importantly, in an information driven economy, the transfer of knowledge, the ability for a manager to clearly communicate value in a manner understood by Prospects and Clients alike, is as critical as the portfolio management function and the delivery of performance.

For that reason we offer this Communication section on our web-site. We will be producing our critical thinking in clear, concise and straightforward articles meant to provide the reader with a view into the process that goes into the building of our portfolios.

Taking our cue from Abraham Lincoln when he said, “if I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe," the articles you read on these pages will represent the day-to-day thinking, analysis and debate that are at the core of our investment philosophy.

We acknowledge that clear communications will build our reputation, our credibility and our relationship with our customers so we look forward to your feedback.