Managing Investments

Our investment philosophy is based upon a proactive, disciplined approach designed to generate consistent, above benchmark results.

An opportunity for growth and success

Whatever your investment needs, our program includes distinct model portfolios that meet a wide range of investment objectives.

We start by defining your risk and return parameters, then determine whether a tactical or strategic asset allocation policy is right for you. After we implement your policy mix, we’ll continue to monitor and rebalance the strategy as needed while providing constant communication every step of the way.

Our goal is to generate consistent, above benchmark performance results while combining the active and passive styles of management.


We employ an active enhanced equity index methodology. Our methodology is an intentional temporary percentage deviation from the S&P 500 Index position, made with an eye towards increasing expected return, reducing risk, or both.

Our Fixed Income Discipline combines traditional actively managed fixed income funds and ETFs that represent favored sectors/segments/geographic locations with the inherent advantages of indexing and individual bond and note selections.

Indexing seeks to parallel the investment returns of a specific stock or bond market benchmark, or index. The investment manager attempts to replicate the investment results of the target index by holding all – or in the case of very large indexes, a representative sample – of the securities in the index.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.