Benefits with perks.

Retirement Plans For Employees

The right retirement plan can help your business recruit – and retain – top talent.

AmeriServ can help give your company that edge while giving your employees the peace of mind they deserve.

We will work with you to craft a retirement package that meets the needs of your business, whether big, small or in between.

A plan for life.

Plan Design

AmeriServ can analyze your company or organization’s employees, salary level and your profitability to help determine the best retirement plan design.

401(k) Plans

Our 401(k) plans offer a method for your employees to systematically save for retirement, whether exclusively by employee contribution or a combination of employee and employer contributions.

403(b) Plans

Whether it’s a traditional or Roth 403(b), AmeriServ can be your sole point of contact for administering your employer-sponsored retirement plan for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

457 Plans

AmeriServ can help you navigate nonqualified, tax advantaged deferred-compensation for your 457(b) or 457(f) plan offered by governmental and certain non-governmental employers.

Non-Qualified Plans

Establish an excess benefit plan or a top hat plan for a select group of executives within your organization with non-qualified plans from AmeriServ.
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