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Our Team

Diversified Services
Name Phone Email
Timothy E. Walters
Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor
(814) 533-5160 Email Timothy E. Walters
Stephanie G. Bassett
Trust Officer
(814) 533-5340 Email Stephanie G. Bassett
Specialty Real Estate
Name Phone Email
Christopher C. Sheedy
Senior Vice President, Director Specialty Real Estate
(814) 533-5464 Email Christopher C. Sheedy
Personal Trust
Name Phone Email
David A. Finui
Executive Vice President, Director of Wealth & Capital Management
(814) 533-5347 Email David A. Finui
Scott D. Porterfield
Vice President, Wealth Advisor
(814) 533-5191 Email Scott D. Porterfield
Christiana Chmielewski, JD
Assistant Vice President, Personal Trust Officer
(814) 533-5109 Email Christiana Chmielewski, JD
Marie A. Mock
Assistant Vice President, Personal Trust Officer
(814) 533-5367 Email Marie A. Mock
Nicholas A. Urban, JD
Assistant Vice President, Personal Trust Officer
(724) 261-3940 Email Nicholas A. Urban, JD
Michael B. Stem
Assistant Trust Officer
(814) 533-5481 Email Michael B. Stem
Retirement Services
Name Phone Email
Kathleen M. Wallace, CPA
Senior Vice President, Retirement Services Manager
(814) 533-5124 Email Kathleen M. Wallace, CPA
Nicholas E. Debias, Jr.
Senior Vice President, Senior Wealth Advisor
(814) 533-5365 Email Nicholas E. Debias, Jr.
Keashia R. Holtzman-Kishlock
Vice President, Trust Accounting Officer
(814) 533-5190 Email Keashia R. Holtzman-Kishlock
James “Bo” Hotchkiss
Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor
(540) 810-1957 Email James “Bo” Hotchkiss
Dennis E. Hunt, ChFC, CRSP, CTFA, CISP, CSOP
Vice President, Retirement Services Operations Officer
(814) 533-5172 Email Dennis E. Hunt, ChFC, CRSP, CTFA, CISP, CSOP
Michele Komara-Czyrnik
Assistant Vice President, Retirement Services Officer
(814) 533-5184 Email Michele Komara-Czyrnik
Kalyn N. Everett, MBA
Retirement Services Officer
(814) 533-5348 Email Kalyn N. Everett, MBA
Brandon Leech
Assistant Retirement Services Officer
(814) 533-5438 Email Brandon Leech
Sean Rigby
Assistant Retirement Services Officer
(814) 533-5418 Email Sean Rigby
Adam M. Struky
Trust Accountant
(814) 533-5254 Email Adam M. Struky
Jacob Wilt
Trust Accountant
(814) 533-5246 Email Jacob Wilt
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