Now You Can Do Both With AmeriServ Financial Bank and AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Company 
Actions on Wall Street have led all of us to take a harder look at the banks we use. It seems to make sense for all Americans to do their banking business on Main Street rather than Wall Street. 
Within the ranks of the United Steelworkers is a Union bank with the resources and the strong Union structure necessary to meet the specific needs of the each Union member, Local and Union organizations. 
AmeriServ Financial Bank, and AmeriServ Trust And Financial Services Company, qualify as a “first-consideration” option for all decisions involving banking or investing. 
AmeriServ Financial Bank, headquartered in Johnstown, PA, is a true Main Street Bank, and is a bank represented by a Union. They offer full-service commercial banking, retail banking and complete trust services. AmeriServ also offers proprietary Union investments that earn a competitive return, and include the added bonus of creating union employment in the construction trades that benefits your Union brothers and sisters across the country. AmeriServ currently administers banking relationships with individual Unions and the state AFL-CIO, and all accounts are handled by a full-time, dedicated Union staff. 
AmeriServ Financial Bank and its Union-first programs can be an important resource as the labor movement re-focuses on Main Street, rather than Wall Street banks. Learn more about the Union bank operation and services at AmeriServ Financial Bank by calling Union Services Representative Thom Kott, USW Local 2635-06, at 1-800-837- 2265 extension 5394. You can email AmeriServ or request information using our quick and easy contact form. 

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