The Employee Real Estate Construction Trust (ERECT) Funds managed by AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Company, serve as a unique and effective investment for qualified retirement and investment plans. AmeriServ operates as the Fund Trustee and provides the protection of a Qualified Professional Asset Manager (QPAM). The ERECT Funds are structured as tax exempt commingled real estate investment trusts.

Current Investors describe ERECT as an investment opportunity with a strong commitment to union labor and community.

As an established provider of professional services for investments and trusts in the tri-state area, the ERECT Funds have a history of offering investors competitive rates of return on capital with the additional benefit of wages and work hours created through new construction development. 

ERECT Funds' Mission

The mission of The ERECT Funds is to (1) safeguard investors’ capital and deliver a competitive return on investment and (2) create jobs for the union building trades by requiring 100% union labor on all construction and maintenance on projects that benefit from ERECT Fund investments.

The ERECT Funds provide secured loans and equity investments in prudently-structured transactions for the development of income-producing commercial real estate properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, apartments, condominiums, warehouse & distribution facilities, and special-purpose facilities.

Together with our partner; PenTrust Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc., we ensure that the ERECT Funds provide:

  • Diversification of Investments
  • Prudent financing standards
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • The creation of Union Job Opportunities
  • Fiduciary protection with QPAM exemption
  • Exceptional relationship management with both investors and developers

The ERECT Funds are distinguished from other similar purpose funds in that the ERECT Funds only provide financing in areas served by our investors. This allows the funds to serve as a catalyst for economic development in investor-represented areas, creating jobs for local tradesmen and opportunities for growth where our investors live and work.

Since 1987, the ERECT Funds have proven to be a quality investment option for retirement and investment plans and have total assets of approximately $200 million.

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For more information, please contact:

Chris Sheedy

Senior Vice President

Specialty Real Estate Division
Office: 814-533-5464
Fax: 814-533-5402

The ERECT Fund Advisory Board consists of union building trade leaders that represent the investor voice regarding potential ERECT Funds projects and related construction.