Lia Pritts

Lia Pritts

Time in the mortgage field:
Since 1995. I’ve been a mortgage processor, regional sales rep, originator, and closing agent.

Mortgage process approach:
Exceptional customer service, communication, and information. I work with the customer throughout the process; from before application when the borrower is shopping rates and closing costs, through application, to closing. Even after closing they can always reach me directly regarding any questions and concerns.

Favorite part of the job:
I didn’t own my own home until I was 31. I slept on the floor in my new house the very first night I was the owner. I hadn’t moved anything in, no furniture, no TV, and no food outside of the takeout I picked up. Every time someone closes on a home I know what they are feeling: excitement, contentment, and a feeling of accomplishment.

Work style:
Work until you get done what needs to get done while doing it to the best of your ability.

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