Long term investors appreciate our Tactical Asset Allocation approach. The recent turmoil in the markets has generated interest in our investment strategy. 
It’s time for you to learn more 
Our Premier Equity Pooled Fund and our popular Pathroad Long-Term Equity Growth Fund both perform well when compared to leading indicators. 
We’ve sent a “wake-up” call to national investment firms. 
The performance of our Tactical Asset Allocation approach is getting noticed. Contact us today. We’ll show you our proven strategy for protecting our client investments. Documented results. Personal service. Locally owned.  
Our Premier Equity Pooled Fund and the Pathroad Long-Term Equity Fund are managed right here. 
We administer your account and make strategic allocation decisions based on timely market analysis and trends. We use investment models to manage market-specific risk. Through our own asset allocation strategy we act on this research to position your portfolio to effectively manage market volatility. And when you have a question about your portfolio, we’re always available to respond – fast. 
We also offer a full range of asset allocation investment options. Whether you are just starting an investment program, or nearing retirement, we have the options to match your goals. This is all part of our comprehensive approach to investing. 
To learn more about Tactical Asset Allocation, you can call us toll free at 800-837-2265 or send us an email. 

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