PSEA Member Benefits endorsement is limited to AmeriServ’s Residential Mortgages which is referred to as the Mortgage Edge program and also the Home Equity Loan in a Line and Personal Line of Credit products. PSEA does not represent that its Endorsed Products are right for all members. Each individual must assess the appropriateness of the Endorsed Products for herself or himself. PSEA does not give investment, tax, or legal advice. 
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The example mortgage Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) shown are the current rates to purchase a single-family primary residence based on a $125,000 loan amount at 80% loan-to-value (LTV). Rates are subject to change without notice. Other factors which can adjust your loan pricing include, but are not limited to: credit profile, property type, LTV, and lock period.  For complete details, specific rates and terms, contact us at 1-855-673-6456 
Example mortgage loan for a conventional fixed rate mortgage: 
A $125,000 30-year term loan with a down payment of 20% and a 5.081% APR (5.00% interest rate) would result in a monthly interest and principal payment of $671.03 (assumes no points paid on loan). Example payment does not reflect amounts for property taxes and hazard insurance. Your actual payment may be higher to include these amounts. 
(1) Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will vary with Wall Street Journal Prime Rate (3.25% currently) with a minimum APR of 3.50%, and a maximum APR of 18.00%. Closing costs will be paid by the Bank, except for appraisals (at an approximate cost of $450) and title insurance, if required. If you close your account within 36-months of account opening, you will be charged an Account Closing Fee of $295. Based upon a review of your credit and maximum LTV of < 90%. Home is your primary residence. Property insurance is required, including flood insurance if applicable. Lines over $250,000 may require title insurance. Other fees and conditions may apply. Subject to change or withdrawal without notice. 
(2) Introductory Rate is in effect for 6-months from date of contract. After expiration of the introductory period, the rate will revert to the standard rate (3.50% APR as of March 17, 2014). Refinances of existing Loan in a Line accounts are not eligible for the introductory rate.  A minimum $10,000 advance of new money at closing is required for discounted rate.   
(3) Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and terms are provided as examples only and are subject to change without notice. Estimated monthly payment and APRs based on a $25,000 loan amount. Home is primary residence.  
(4) Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a variable rate based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate and may increase upon consumption, with a lifetime minimum of 7.00% APR and a maximum of 18.00% APR. 

Rates current as of 04/18/2014
Conventional Mortgages
30-Year Fixed4.500%4.600%0.000%
15-Year Fixed3.500%3.659%0.000%
10-Year Fixed3.125%3.347%0.000%
FHA Mortgage
FHA 30-Year Fixed3.750%4.933%0.000%
USDA Rural Housing Program
USDA 30-Year Fixed3.750%4.317%0.000%
PHFA 30-Year Keystone Home Loan
Income limits vary. Closing Cost assistance available.
PHFA 30-Year Fixed4.750%4.845%0.000%
 Loan in a Line Home Equity
Standard Rate (1)3.50%
Introductory Rate (2)1.23%Effective for 6 months
 Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans (3)
Maximum TermRateAPREstimated Monthly Payment
 Personal Line of Credit
Line of Credit (4)7.00%

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