Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Open a CD at any AmeriServ office and watch your savings grow. Interest is calculated daily, and you can have the interest credited to your account. Select the term that's right for you! In addition to standard CDs with competitive rates, AmeriServ also offers these special CDs that may be perfect for you!

MaxLift CD

Here's a great idea ... A CD that guarantees that your interest rate will increase every six months during the original 30-month term! Our MaxLift CD is a 30-month term CD and every six months the rate rises. The entire balance in the CD earns interest at the guaranteed stepped rate. Better still, if you maintain an AmeriServ checking account you can get an even better rate on your MaxLift CD. Stop in today to learn more about our MaxLift CD.

Flexible CD

Better rate than a money market, yet more flexible than a standard CD - that’s AmeriServ’s Flexible CD. The rate is tied to the 90-day or two year Treasury Bill rate, so your rate will move with the market. Best part is you can make withdrawals or add funds! Your rate changes quarterly and your interest is paid quarterly, too. And each time we pay interest to your Flexible CD account, we mail a statement so you can keep updated of your account activity.

Raise Your Rate CD

When rates are rising, be prepared with our variable rate certificate. Open a Raise Your Rate CD and you can tell us to “bump-up” your rate when interest rates rise.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Provide for your retirement with an IRA from AmeriServ Financial. We have a wide variety of IRAs to choose from, - including popular Roth IRA Plans - plus many more retirement savings options. You can fund your IRA in many different ways, so ask an AmeriServ representative which plan works best for you. Remember that an AmeriServ IRA is a valuable tool during tax season.

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