AmeriChange Coin Change Machines

Why pay for coin changing services at other machines when AmeriServ offers it for free? Visit the following office locations and bring your loose change: University Heights, 1404 Eisenhower Blvd., Johnstown; Downtown Johnstown, 216 Franklin St.; Lovell Park, 179 Lovell Ave., Ebensburg and Westmont, 110 Plaza Dr.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Store important documents and valuables at your nearby AmeriServ Financial office (subject to availability). We have a wide range of safe deposit box sizes to suit your needs. Contact the AmeriServ office nearest you by calling 1-800-837-BANK, or locate a nearby office on our Branch Locator page.

Cashier's Checks

Customers who need cashier's checks may want to check out our checking line up. Several AmeriServ checking accounts include the option to order no-fee Cashier Checks. Contact us today for more information on cashier's checks and how you can get no-fee checks with a qualifying AmeriServ checking account.

Money Orders

Money Orders may be drafted in amounts up to $1,000, and are available at all AmeriServ offices. Contact us today for more information on money orders and how you can order no-fee money orders with a qualifying AmeriServ checking account.

Travelers Checks

Available at your nearest AmeriServ bank office, travelers checks can be purchased in convenient denominations, and provide extra security when you travel.

Certified Check

Stop into any AmeriServ bank office when you need a Certified Check.

Savings Bonds

Conveniently purchase Savings Bonds from the comfort of your own home! No lines - No waiting. You can purchase savings bonds online when you open an account with Treasury Direct. Government regulation requires that all savings bonds can only be ordered online using the above link. As always, if you have any questions regarding savings bonds, we will be happy to assist you.