Relative Return, Traditional Long-Only Strategies Seeking to Outperform the Appropriate Benchmark(s), Net of Fees, Over a Market Cycle. 
Appropriate for institutions and private investors who desire to make an allocation to actively managed, long-only equity strategies, that seek to outperform the appropriate benchmark, net of fees, over a market cycle. Combining fundamental research with quantitative expected return modeling, these strategies pursue significant outperformance through intensive research, moderate sector and security concentration. 
Large Cap Core Equity – A traditional long-only, actively managed large cap equity strategy. Combining valuation, growth and quality characteristics, this strategy seeks to outperform the benchmark over a 3 to 5 year market cycle through security research and analysis, expected return modeling, and active sector and security bets, while maintaining adequate portfolio diversification. 
Appropriate for both institutional and private investors seeking to make an allocation to actively managed core large cap equity exposure. Available as a separate account with a $250,000 minimum. 
Large Cap Equity Income – A long-only strategy seeking a superior total return through dividend income and appreciation. Pursuing a value, income and contrarian approach, this strategy seeks superior total returns combined with the reduced risk of an income oriented equity portfolio. 
Appropriate for institutions and private investors desiring to make an allocation to a large cap equity strategy pursuing superior total returns and reduced risk. This is a portfolio that seeks significant, above market equity income as a primary component of total return and maintains a strict valuation discipline. This strategy conducts an intensive research, disciplined value, and contrarian approach, coupled with a long term and patient perspective. Available as a separate account with a $250,000 minimum. 
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