A plan to perform.

Equity Management Process

  • Core Holding Establishment
  • 500 Index Fund
  • % Allocation is Market Sensitive
  • Low Cost/Expense Ratio (4 bps)
  • Positive Tracking Error
  • Industry Leader
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Index Enhancements

  • Internal/External Research Sources
  • Sector Allocation
  • Economic/Market Trends
  • Segment Weighting
  • Global Assessment/Opportunities
  • Proprietary Screening/Scoring/Ranking Model
  • AmeriServ Premier Equity Discipline Model® – Proprietary Model
  • Due Diligence Screening/Scoring/Ranking and Evaluation
    • Proprietary 25 Factor Scoring System
    • Relative and Absolute Returns
    • Reasonable Expense Ratio
    • Manager Tenure
    • Stewardship
  • Evaluation Among Investment Team
  • Open Forum Tests Individual Assumptions/Conclusions
  • Input from Every Investment Professional
  • Purchase Holdings
  • Maintain Full Equity Exposure Unless Tactical Shift is Warranted
    • Realign Portfolio on an As-Needed Basis
  • Assess Holdings Daily
  • Investment Management Team Monitors and Discusses Impact of Fund, Market and/or Sector Specific Developments
    • Daily Ranking of Recommended List
  • Sell Discipline
  • Deterioration in Relative or Absolute Return
    • Identification of Better Performing Opportunity
    • Management or Ownership Change
    • Change in Sector or Segment Allocation

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.