Ernest L. Petersen, III 
Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer 
Diversified Services Division Manager 
Office: 814-533-5270 
Mobile: 814-248-1716 
Fax: 814-533-5102 

John Krupa, AIF, CFP® 
Assistant Vice President, Wealth Advisor 
Phone: 814-533-5395 
Fax: 814-533-5102 

Monica M. Papuga 
Vice President 
Senior Trust Accounting Officer 
Office: 814-533-5471 
Fax: 814-533-5102 

Stephanie G. Bassett 
Junior Trust Accountant 
Phone: 814-533-5340 
Fax: 814-533-5102 

Rose Patterson 
Tax & Recordkeeping Supervisor 
Phone:  814-533-5385 
Fax:  814-533-5102 

Unlike our Personal Trust Division, which serves one person at a time, Diversified Services provides services to groups of people. We administer pooled trusts created by funeral homes, cemeteries and special needs organizations. When asked, we coordinate record keeping and investment services. Our level of fiduciary duty runs from agent to trustee. Diversified Services trusts separate funds from an operating entity. Should the operating entity fail, the trust will continue for the purpose it was originally intended. 
We provide record keeping for 17,000 participants where participants own a percentage of a trust. Income, expenses, gains and losses are allocated based on the percentage of ownership. As such, the accounting work in Diversified Services is inherently different from, for example, the 401k participant that purchases units in specific investments.  
As our record keeping work is closely aligned to tax reporting, we oversee tax reporting for AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Company.   
To learn more about AmeriServ's diversified services programs, call our Diversified Services representatives toll free at 800-837-2265, or send us an email. 

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