The VISA® Check Card 
It’s a check card. It’s an ATM card. It’s both! Open any AmeriServ Financial checking account and you can request our VISA® Check Card at no additional set-up charge. This special card enables you to make purchases without the inconvenience of writing checks or showing identification. The amount spent is automatically deducted from your checking account, and each transaction is clearly listed on your monthly checking account online banking statement. You can use the Check Card as your everyday ATM debit card at thousands of ATM locations. 
Get The Power Of The NYCE® ATM Network 
An AmeriServ VISA Check Card taps you into the power of the NYCE® Network. Use your card in any AmeriServ Financial ATM without transaction fees. Your AmeriServ Financial NYCE® Network card will also work in any CIRRUS® network ATM worldwide. To locate an ATM in any city, use the NYCE ATM Locator for directions. 
Lost or Stolen Cards: 
During business hours, please call our Call Center at 1-800-837-2265. 
During non-business hours, call 1-866-392-9952. 
Leaving the Country? Let Us Know! 
We do everything within our power to prevent account takeover and debit card fraud. This includes monitoring usage and acting quickly when abnormal account activity occurs. In many cases, when a debit card is used overseas, that may indicate attempted account fraud. To ensure uninterrupted service, be sure to call AmeriServ if you are planning a trip overseas. When you call first, we can make sure your AmeriServ Check Card is available even when you travel overseas. 
VISA® Credit Card 
Find the card that's right for you. Are you looking for a rewards card that earns automatic bonus points on every purchase, every month? Or maybe you prefer a card to pay down your balances on other credit cards faster or to save on interest. Whatever your needs, we have a credit card that's right for you. To learn more about our credit card services or to apply online, click here.  
To log in to your AmeriServ credit card account, click here. 
The bank makes loans and extends credit without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status. 

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