Business Loans? AmeriServ - OPEN for Business!

The AmeriServ Business team is personally committed to the success of local businesses. We are very excited to be designated by the U.S. Treasury Department to participate in the Small Business Lending Fund program. In fact, in most of our communities, AmeriServ is the ONLY bank designated to participate in this "business-friendly" loan program. Millions of dollars are available, with very favorable rates, and its our job to get these funds into the hands of business owners in our communities.

AmeriServ is a strong supporter of the local community. Let's talk about what it will take for your business to succeed. You can contact us toll free at 800-837-BANK, or call the AmeriServ business Relationship Manager in your area.

Business Line of Credit

A line of credit is a preapproved loan with a specific borrowing limit. A line of credit enables borrowers to access funds without reapplying providing the total amount borrowed does not exceed the approved amount. Line of Credit amounts, terms, repayment schedules and collateral can all be structured to meet the needs of the business. Lines of credit are useful for: 

  • Seasonal Cash or Short Term needs
  • Receivable Financing
  • Inventory Financing

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending is usually associated with a line of credit facility secured by inventory, account receivables, and /or other balance sheet assets. It is most often used to support certain cash flow needs including meeting payroll, inventory purchases, or the collection of receivables.

  • Ideal for Working Capital needs for growth & expansion
  • Finance Raw Material or Finished Goods
  • Lock Box services are available

Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans
We offer many options to finance new and existing facilities whether it is to purchase or refinance your commercial property with amortizations up to 25 years. 

  • Apartment Building
  • Retail Locations
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans
Commercial construction real estate loans provide short term financing for construction and/or permanent building, expansion and remodeling of existing facilities. The funds are normally distributed based on a preapproved plan and tied to completion of certain phases of the project. Once fully distributed the loan is then reset to a range of terms and repayment structure.

Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans
Real estate properties that are greater than 50% utilized by the owner for their business operation qualify as owner occupied. There can be added advantages with this type of property loan in terms of rate considerations because of our participation in the U.S. Treasury Small Business Lending Fund.

Term Loans

These loans are typically granted with amortizations ranging from two to seven years. The purpose can range from supplying working capital to equipment purchases and other asset purchases. Term loans are the most common form of intermediate term financing. Loan terms are structured based on the asset(s) being pledged. 

  • Equipment
  • Business Acquisition
  • Debt Restructure