We are known for our outstanding support of local business through business lending and checking options. But did you know AmeriServ also offers a wide variety of cost-effective Business Services that can help you save time and money? As you know, time is money in business. We're here to make your business day a lot easier.

Remote Deposit Capture

Here’s a time-saving idea! Remote Deposit Capture is a service that enables you to make your deposits without leaving your office. All you need is a PC and Internet Access. We provide the software and scanner.

  • Save Time. Eliminate wasted time driving to the bank to make your deposits. Deposits are made right at your desk. No need to hand write deposit slips or stamp endorsements on checks.

  • Save Money. Reduce or eliminate the expense of driving to the bank.

  • Ease of Mind. Safe and secure because deposits never leave your office.

  • Convenience. Make your deposits when you want to make them.

  • Improve Your Record Keeping. Deposits are balanced prior to submission.
    Two-year deposit history is available at your fingertips.

ACH Services

AmeriServ is an originating and receiving bank for many ACH files. We transmit and receive ACH files three times a day. NACHA files contain effective dates to release the funds to a specific account.

Payroll File Options

  • Submit an ACH file via Cash Management or encrypted email

  • Use our Online Banking Cash Management payroll service

Wire Transfer Services

We offer two convenient services to transfer funds via wire transfer. Our recommendation is to use the Cash Management option included within our convenient online banking service, allowing you to securely request an outgoing Domestic or International Wire Transfer right from your office computer. You can also choose a second option known as pre-authorized wire transfers. Pre-authorization forms completed by your authorized signers are kept on file at AmeriServ to allow you to easily telephone us to initiate an outgoing wire transfer.

Personalized Courier Services

To make banking easier for you, AmeriServ provides our own daily or weekly courier services. When you need to transport currency or checks – to or from any location – our courier service gets the job done! The courier service can be billed or placed on account analysis, whichever is best for you. AmeriServ also provides security bags for drop offs and pick ups.

Cash Vault capabilities are available to process your deposits, too. Cash deposits are available the same day. AmeriServ Cash Vault Services has been serving customers for more than 50-years. Our high security vault is equipped with the latest technology for detecting counterfeit currency. AmeriServ’s standards are high, and so is our service.

Lockbox Processing

Let us do the work! Nightly processing makes funds available the next day. Enjoy the convenience of AmeriServ receiving and processing your payments through lockbox processing.

  • AmeriServ receives payments by mail
  • Nightly processing of receipts and posting of deposits to your account(s) the same night
  • Funds available for use the next day

Special Reporting

Detailed daily, weekly or monthly statements list the activity on each account, ending daily bank balances, and cleared checks in serial order. AmeriServ can also provide the BAI file format for customized reports. Now you are in control of your finances! 

Account Reconciliation and Check Disbursement

Choose from online banking, CD-ROM, positive pay bank reconciliation, and BAI file methods. We work to provide whatever your business needs to get the job done. AmeriServ recognizes the need for organizations to automate check reconciliation. You can choose which automation process works best for you.