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The Affinity program is designed to extend exclusive loan offers to companies and organizations that have a special relationship with AmeriServ.

Whether your employees are looking to purchase or refinance a mortgage, need a home equity loan or a personal line of credit, we’ve got them covered.

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These offers are extended to Affinity members, their parents, their children, and their siblings.

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Save big when you refinance or purchase a home in Pennsylvania. We can help lower your costs by waiving loan origination fees ($695 value), offering one free rate re-lock opportunity ($400 value) and providing the low rates you deserve.

Loan in a Line Home Equity

We put you in control of your lending needs with our Loan in a Line. Use the equity in your home as a credit line, or tackle those large expenses by using part of your line to grant yourself fixed-rate loans. With Loan in a Line, you’re in charge.

Personal Line of Credit

Avoid high-interest credit cards by taking out a personal line of credit, featuring special perks for Affinity members. Save money with no processing or annual fees, and enjoy the convenience of no required collateral.

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Affinity Rates

As of 06-14-2019

Product Interest Rate APR Points

Conventional Mortgage

30-Year Fixed 3.875% 3.932% 0%
20-Year Fixed 3.750% 3.828% 0%
15-Year Fixed 3.250% 3.343% 0%
10-Year Fixed 3.250% 3.385% 0%
7-Year Adjustable Rate
(Fully indexed rate is 4.663%)
3.750% 4.265% 0%

FHA Mortgage
Loan limits vary by county.

FHA 30-Year Fixed 3.250% 4.269% 0%

VA Mortgage

VA 30-Year Fixed 3.250% 3.462% 0%

USDA Rural Housing Program

USDA 30-Year Fixed 3.375% 3.857% 0%

Loan in a Line Home Equity

APR Loan Amount
Introductory APR (1A) 3.99% – Effective for 15 Months Under $75,000
Standard APR (1B) 5.50% – After Introductory Period Under $75,000
Introductory APR (2A) 3.99% – Effective for 15 Months More than $75,000
Standard APR (2B) 5.50% – After Introductory Period More than $75,000

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans (3)
Fixed rate loan is available within the Loan in a Line Home Equity Loan only

Term Interest Rate APR Estimated Monthly Payment
36 months 4.39% 4.383% $ 742.36
60 months 4.49% 4.485% $ 465.91
84 months 4.74% 4.736% $ 350.26
120 months 5.24% 5.236% $ 268.07
180 months 5.74% 5.738% $ 207.44

Personal Line of Credit (4)

Line of Credit 8.50%
NOTE: Details for all footnote indications can be found by clicking the Disclosures button.


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