A message to our community
Community banks play a critical role in the well-being of our home towns.

Whether it’s providing business loans to support the local economy, or offering good rates on your personal CDs or IRAs, AmeriServ is here to help our community. My experience tells me that a strong community bank – with strong local support – plays a key role in improving our home towns. Here’s how.

When you apply for your mortgage, invest for your retirement, or maintain your checking account with AmeriServ, you enable us to do more for our community. We do more by providing competitively priced personal and business loans to help strengthen our local economies. We provide financial support for many worthwhile community activities. And our team members contribute their time and talents to organize and help direct important community initiatives. Because we share so much in common, we can effectively give back to the non-profits and projects “near and dear” to your heart that improve our community.

I always welcome – and enjoy – the chance to chat with you when I’m walking around Johnstown, visiting Somerset or State College, or any of AmeriServ’s home towns. I find that most everyone agrees that a local community bank returns more to the community than the larger banks and mega-banks. If we have met before, you know how strongly I believe in the power of a leading and solid community bank.

The AmeriServ team and I are cheering for and helping our communities. We employ your friends and relatives. Our products and services are designed to meet your financial needs, and our commitment to “giving back” directly affects you, your family and our hometown.

When you bank with AmeriServ you enable us to be a greater force for good in our community. To each AmeriServ customer, I thank you. If you don’t bank with us, please give us the opportunity to help you. We embrace our role as a community bank, and I promise you we are “here to serve” in many different ways. I welcome your feedback.